The Octathlon competition is comprised of eight events. There are six multiple-choice exams one in each of the following subject areas: economics, literature, mathematics, social science, science, art and music. The Super Quiz event is an oral relay over all subjects. Students will also take an essay exam based on the assigned literature and theme content of materials provided for the Texas Academic Decathlon. This competition is for ninth and tenth-grade students. If a student competes in the Octathlon competition, he/she CANNOT also compete in Decathlon.

The multiple-choice exams in art, economics, literature, music, science and social science each have 50 questions. The math exam has 35 questions. The Super Quiz oral relay has twelve questions per academic grade level answered before a large audience.

The Art Reproductions Booklet contains reproductions of the 18 artworks that are included in the art outline.
USAD permits students to use calculators for the math exam only. Coaches can view the current USAD calculator policy under the Decathlon section.

The literature test items will largely be derived from the selected works of literature, though some test items may also be based on information provided in the literature resource guide.

All of the Super Quiz test items will be derived from the subjects of the Decathlon Resource Guide. No outside research is necessary in the Super Quiz exam.

USAD offers Resource Guides in art, economics, literature, music, social science, and science. The Academic Decathlon Resource Guides are written by individual writers under contract with USAD. The resource guides will assist students in their study of the topics listed in the subject area outlines.

USAD offers basic guides in art, economics, literature, math and music. Whereas the resource guides focus on the specific topics listed each year. Basic guides offer a reference that can be used by teams year after year. The basic guides provide an enduring resource for fundamental subject matter, information and concepts that generally do not change from year to year.

The math basic guide can be downloaded at no cost from the USAD web site, www.usad.org.
Test writers have been instructed to construct tests such that at least ten to twenty percent of the questions on each test require the use of higher-order thinking skills.

Students will be given 30 minutes to complete each of the written multiple-choice exams. Students will have 50 minutes to complete the essay exam.

While the art resource guide includes information relevant to the 18 selected artworks, this guide contains text only and does NOT include images of the artworks. Images for the selected works are pictured in the Art Reproductions Booklet.

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